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Sunyard Provides Android Mobile Payment Solution for Guizhou Rural Credit Union
Publisher: Sunyard Promotion Dept. Date: 2018-06-07 Read: 211

Hangzhou, China – June 7, 2018

Sunyard Technology Co., Ltd, the leading financial software solution provider together with one of fastest growing electronic payment terminal providers (SSE Code 600571), is pleased to announce that Sunyard and Guizhou Rural Credit Union will jointly release an Android mobile payment solution.

With the development of Android mobile solutions in the payment industry, Guizhou Rural Credit Union is planning to establish a safe, comprehensive and multifunctional Android mobile payment system. Sunyard’s Android terminals and dynamic 2D code mobile payment terminals accurately meet their needs, and won the bid for Android POS terminal project, becoming a reliable partner of Guizhou Rural Credit Union to jointly promote Android mobile payment.

Sunyard will offer Guizhou Rural Credit Union with our Android products including i80 Android Mobile Terminal and VQR900 QR Code Reader. The i80, certified by the PCI PTS 4.x and NFC, is equipped with a state-of-the-art processor, multi-connectivity and a high-capacity battery, accepting bank card payments, NFC and QR code payment to achieve Omni-channel payment.  The VQR900 supports QR code transaction (scanning and to be scanned) and contactless transaction. It also can be perfectly connected with ECR and POS terminals to process transactions to achieve unlimited QR code payment.

Mr. Yuelin Lai, General Manager at Sunyard Technology, stated, “With the rapid development of Internet technology and financial IT, the payment industry is characterized by the mobilization of business scenarios, universal coverage of business range, and diversification of payment channels. Sunyard is continuous to invest more to diversify our product lines to meet the development, while we will provider our partners Android mobile payment solutions with our comprehensive technical supports and quick response services.”